Look Ma, no toes!

Pickle post

Pickle is one lucky little rat. She came in a few days after getting her foot stuck in a vent. Based on the injuries, it looked like a steam burn. A very bad steam burn.  The photos are not nice so they won’t be posted.

All of Pickle’s toes ended up falling off, but the foot (and the attached ratty) healed. This was due to a number of factors, but the owner’s dedication was definitely an important one.

What Happened Here?

At Bay Area Bird Hospital we see animals that get better without tons of invasive treatments as well as ones that don’t make it despite everything we tried. We work hard to treat correctly – just enough and not too much but it’s rough not knowing that if we just do treatments x, y and z then each pet will thrive.

Different factors play a role in how and why healing occurs.

  • Age – Youngsters, just like human kids, are healing machines while seniors tend to have delayed responses.
  • Nutrition – better diets mean the body has better building blocks to repair itself, better resistance to damage or disease and a better immune system.
  • Care – How well an owner can respond to their pet’s needs by modifying the environment, paying close attention to changes and treating as recommended can make a significant effect on the overall response.


In the end, prevention is the best medicine.